Presentations and networking at national conferences

Since the topic of the project (lifelong career guidance) is very relevant and, in Slovenia very actual, special emphasis was placed on the further development of the project ideas and their implementation in various other national projects. Therefore, the project framework, ideas and results were presented at various national conferences on the relevant topic in order to establish the right connections to continue and upgrade the project results even after the official conclusion of the project.

On 21 August 2014, project associates participated in the final conference of the project Raising Social and Cultural Capital in Local Communities for the Development of Equal Opportunities and Promotion of Social Inclusion, which was organised as part of the School for Headteachers and took place at the Brdo Congress Centre. Conference participants learnt about the activities of lifelong career guidance in some of the schools participating in the project, and about the contribution of these activities to raising the social and cultural capital in their local communities.

On 26 November 2014, the Annual Conference on Adult Education was held. The focus of the conference was a presentation of the topical issues in the field of adult education: implementation of the Resolution on the National Programme for Adult Education for the coming period, the standards within the field of adult education and financial aspects of adult education, as well as some innovations for the current year. The conference was attended by one of the CAREER project associates, who, at the end of the conference, opened a panel discussion (from the perspective of the project) on lifelong career guidance and counselling within adult education. More about the conference can be found here.

An assessment conference entitled Dissemination, Use and Sustainability of Results took place in December 2014 and was attended by two project associates. The conference explained why the dissemination, use, and sustainability of the results are of crucial importance and that the aim of co-operation is no longer solely the quality of the implementation of approved activities, but primarily quality results, as well as their use and sustainability. Participants learnt about different means of how to develop and implement the key activities that are their basic tools when it comes to the aforementioned activities part of result dissemination and sustainability.

The Nefix Institute (Zavod Nefix) marked its 15th anniversary with a seminar Informal Development and Employment, which took place on 2 March in Ljubljana. On this occasion, the opening addresses were followed by presentations from the key actors in this field in Slovenia, who shared their experience with identifying, recording and recognising non-formal and informal knowledge when it comes to young people’s employment and career planning. One of the seminar attendees was an associate of the CAREER project. An important message that emerged from this seminar was that in Slovenia the potential of informal knowledge within the context of youths’ employment is still not being given adequate recognition.

The 4th scientific seminar Leadership in Education: Co-operation in Theory and Practice was devoted to discussions on the importance of co-operation for the success of individuals and institutions working in the field of education. The seminar took place as part of the National school for leadership in education between 31 March and 1 April 2015 in Portorož, Slovenia. At the seminar, project members presented the results of the CAREER project and highlighted the importance of co-operation between different actors in the implementation of lifelong career guidance, pointing out the various forms of co-operation that could contribute to improved implementation of lifelong career guidance in the Slovenian educational space.

On Monday 13 April 2015, a session of the 25th National Children’s Parliament was held in the Grand Hall of the National Assembly of the Republic of Slovenia. The central theme of the session, which was attended by one of the CAREER project associates, was education and career guidance. The discussion confirmed the findings of regional seminars organised as part of the CAREER project about the importance of using the contents and activities of lifelong career guidance to make it possible for young people to identify their strengths, interests and preferences, and thus autonomously and responsibly plan their career paths.

Project Associate Polona Klemenčič presented the project and recommendations for the integration of lifelong career guidance contents into the Slovenian educational space to the participants of the Modular Training of Career Counsellors which, in 2015, was organised by the Employment Service of Slovenia.