Final conference

The main aim of the final conference was to mobilise all the relevant actors and interested public in the field and promote and disseminate the project results, as well promote the project website as a point of reference for the topic. The results of the project were presented at the final conference, in particular, recommendations for the integration of lifelong career guidance contents and activities in the Slovenian educational space. The plenary lectures were focused on the conceptual aspects of lifelong career guidance, and the workshops were aimed at addressing the proposed methods and approaches for the successful implementation of lifelong career guidance in primary and secondary education. The final conference provided an excellent opportunity for networking of individuals and representatives from different fields.

The final conference was organised and hosted on 17th April 2015 at the Olimia Congree Centre (Kongresni Center Olimia) in Podčetrtek.



  • Tanja Bezić and Urška Štremfel: Aims and Objectives of the Conference
  • Miha Lovšin: Plenary lecture 1: Theoretical Frameworks and the Existing System of Lifelong Career Guidance in Slovenia
  • Polona Kelava: Plenary lecture 2: Professional Socialisation, Lifelong Career Guidance and Career Empowerment
  • Alenka Gril: Plenary lecture 3: Empowerment of Students for Planning Their Own Career Paths in Active Classes

Press Conference:

  • Urška Štremfel: Presentation of Recommendations of the CAREER Project on Integration of Lifelong Career Guidance Contents and Activities into the Slovenian Educational Space

Parallel Workshops:

  • Tanja Bezić and Brigita Rupar: The Aims, Objectives and Work Methods in Workshops
  • Tanja Bezić and Tamara Malešević: Conceptual Relevance, Comprehensiveness and Feasibility of the Draft Proposal for Improving the Guidelines for the Work of Counselling Services
  • Brigita Rupar and Cvetka Bizjak: Guidelines for Planning Lifelong Career Guidance at School Level – Presentation and Testing of the Draft
  • Alenka Gril: Participatory Teaching Practices – Training Young People for Career Planning and Management
  • Mojca Štraus: Background Factors of Young People’s Career Decisions: Regional Differences
  • Tina Rutar Leban: The Contents of Lifelong Career Guidance for Parents

Roundtable-Table Discussion:

  • Miha Lovšin and guests: Challenges of the Partnership Approach and System Organisation of Young People’s Career Education
  • Tanja Bezić, Urška Štremfel, Miha Lovšin and Brigita Rupar: Plenary discussion and conclusion of the conference